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Achievements of Dr.Kalaignar- Pushpalatha Poongodi

 Achievements of Dr.Kalaignar- Pushpalatha Poongodi

Dr.Kalaignar was multidimensional and multifaceted personality, his achievements in the highest level in various fields spanning from Sangam tamil literature, Script writing for movies, writer (authored several books ), poems songs, oration (unparallel in tamil oratory skills), political history writing, newspaper founder and mass political leader. 

Dr.Kalaignar was a writer and indefatigable leader literally sleeps only for less than 3 to 4 hours every day.  His late editorial works commences at 1.00 am at night and spans till 2.00 am and early morning walking schedule starts at around 5.00 am.  This day and night dedication speaks volumes about his commitment to Tamil society and Tamil language.  

Dr.Kalaignar was eternal fighter, in his rollercoaster life, he always keeps coming back from whatever difficulty the life throws at him.  His resilience and patience are remarkable and hallmark of his political career. For example thriving the hardships and stubbornly standing for the truth during emergency period under Indira Gandhi regime,literally when central government witch hunting DMK cadres.

Holding on for around 10 years in hiatus when friend turned foe MGR’s AIADMK was in power  and still maintained the political organizations , party with same vigour.  Once again facing the ire, after death of Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 and subsequently DMK lost elections badly and bouncing back in 1996 to serve the people of Tamil Nadu.

It is pertinent to mention that even after his death his fight continued in non allocation of burial place at Marina by side of his beloved leader Arignar Anna for sustaining Dravidian ideals and legacy. Atlast justice prevailed by intervention of Honorable High Court.  Once again resilient leader won even after his death. 

Dr.Kalaignar fought the Brahminical hegemony, social evils , superstitions and social status disparities with the ammunition of Dravidian ideals and Tamil aram through his pen and tongue. His writings are so powerful and touching length and breath of common man’s life. His oration is mind blowing, spell bounding, enthralling masses conveying social justice , social equality, Tamil aram and rational ideas.

His works and contributions are invaluable assets to Tamil society and Tamil language in coming future. His contribution always nutures growth and development and sustains the legacy started from Justice party era in Tamil Nadu.

He still remains nightmare for those who try to perpetrate social injustice and inequality in society. His historical and contemporary accounting makes it nearly impossible to paint wrong Tamil history in coming generations.

His valour against Aryan dominated society and sustained efforts for bringing social justice to the fore is astonishing and astounding. If one reads Dr.Kalaignar’s life, one would never say he or she is short of time in life. Time management must take lessons from is life journey.

¬ Legal status for self respect marriages, which was devoid of any religious rituals.

¬ Beggar’s Rehabilitation scheme. 

¬ Setting up of backward class commission.

¬ Nationalising of transport.

¬ Establishment of Tamil Nadu civil supplies corporation for supplying basic commodities to people at low costs.

¬ Banned Hand pulled rickshaws noting that one man is above another and introducing cycle rickshaws. 

¬ Establishment of Tamil Nadu Slum Clearance Board for resettlement and rehabilitation of slum families in Tamil Nadu.

¬ Establishment of Samathuvapuram, which is a social equality scheme of the Government of Tamil Nadu to improve social harmony and to reduce caste discrimination.

¬ Establishment of Uzhavar Sandhai in the year 1999. The objective of the scheme was to promote direct contact between farmers and consumers.

¬ In 2009, provision of 3 % sub quoto for Arundhatiyars from overall 18 % quoto for SC category. i.e  7 castes out of 74 listed castes in SC category are entitled for this provison.  Arunthathiyar were highly under represented in government department and education institution.  Arunthathiyar constituent 16 % of dalit population.  This drastically changed the outlook for future for arunthathiyar.  Many people are good well in profession like doctor, engineer and government jobs. Thanks to Dr.Kalaignar vision for marginalize among dalits .  Dr.Kalaignar always keen to implement social justice flavour of Thantai Periyar in the reservation policy.  

Dr.Kalaignar is inseparable icon in Tamil political and literature world. It is impossible to separate Dr.Kalaignar in Tamil history of 20th century. Tamil society will be very be very grateful to his vision and political achievements for Tamil people and Tamil language. With this legacy new generation shall be marching towards future with self respect, self determination with dignity in the new world.

Dr.Kalaignar in my life

I am from lower middle class back ground.  The scheme from which I was directly benefitted was free bus pass scheme for school students.  On the hindsight I really wonder how this scheme has benefitted most of the students irrespective of the social background which they belong, encouraging them to travel in the pursuit of knowledge.

This is not only free pass scheme, this is removing the burden of travel cost, at the same time upholding self respect and dignity across the school kids.

When I was beneficiary at that age I didn’t understand what it really means. After so many years when I look back, it means a lot.  It removed friction giving momentum for long journey chasing dreams in the road called life. 

Dr.Kalaignar was pioneer in implementation of numerous policies in Tamil Nadu with Dravidian stamp for upholding social justice.

During Mandal politics era, Most Backward Class(MBC) reservation was implemented in Tamil Nadu. Then the total reservation was capped at 69% with 20% reservation for MBC.  I have benefitted during college admission process.  But finally I couldn’t take the allotted course because of minor variation.  But this policy benefitted tonnes of people and sustained inclusive growth in Tamil Nadu.  

This is reason for large no. of professionals are coming from Tamil Nadu in professional engineering and Medical streams. There is one real contribution for vertical mobility of many most backward families in Tamil Nadu. 

Equal rights to women in family Inheritance, Job opportunities , education were established in his regime. As a woman I am always grateful to him.

In Tamil Nadu establishment of several SIPCOT for nurturing small and medium industries, helped in job oppurtunities for many family. DMK is very industrial friendly in late 1990 many automobile industries were developed , Tamil Nadu turned into automobile industries hub.

What was mentioned above is a drop and his contribution to people of Tamil Nadu is a ocean. Vazhga Dr.Kalaignar Vazhga Dravidam.

                                                                                                               By Pushpalatha Poongodi

கலைஞரை எதிர்ப்பவர்கள் பலர், 'காங்கிரஸ்தான் தமிழகத்தின் தொழில் வளர்ச்சிக்கு நிறைய செய்தது' என்று சொல்வது உண்டு. உண்மையில், தமிழ்நாட்டின் தொழில் வளர்ச்சிக்கு அவர் பெரிய உழைப்பைக் கொடுத்திருக்கிறார். தமிழகம் மிகச்சிறந்த தொழில்மயமான மாநிலமாக, உற்பத்தித் துறையில் முன்னணி மாநிலமாக இன்று நிற்கிறது என்றால், அதற்கு கலைஞர் ஒரு முக்கியமான காரணம்!

- இந்தியா சிமெண்ட்ஸ் எம். சீனிவாசன்

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