Friday 2 April 2021

Why DMK should come to power in Tamil Nadu : Pushpalatha Poongodi

 Why DMK should come to power in Tamil Nadu : Pushpalatha Poongodi

The main reason for DMK to come to power are massive failure of present ruling ADMK government in almost all fronts when it comes to running the state government.  The ten years of Anti incumbency reached its peak and change is felt in the air.  

Previously DMK narrowly lost in 2016 elections only because of simple vote division by third front. Demise of former chief minister of TamilNadu J. Jayalalitha added to owes of ruling ADMK government. This situation led to the commencement of interference from Central Government and ingression of right wing forces in Tamil Nadu in alarming pace. 

The tactics followed for subversion of federal structure and state‘s power by using central agencies and hooking all big wigs of ADMK government in corruption cases to surreptitiously furthering their agenda. The corruption was true and the evidence was available and arrests was imminent few big government contractors were put behind bars. 

This was sending alarm bells in top rung of ADMK. The fractured groups of ADMK totally surrendered to the centre, further the rights of state was also surrendered only to avoid arrests and embarrassment. But people’s will power and spirit always fought against this strategy of centre. Message was loud and clear with resonating go back Modi trending.

Already achieved development from previous era, freedom, political rights was slowly surrendered to right wing policy of centre without any murmurs. For example influx of outsiders other than Tamils in filling up vacancies in post offices and other central government jobs. Further the medium of communication was purpose fully kept in Hindi or English and not in state language which is against natural justice in the competitive job posting. 

With implementation of GST, states producing goods are plundered and wealth is transferred to consuming states. Combination of GST and Demonetisation were real drag to economic growth and resulted in closure of many small business in the state, which were back bone structure of huge indirect employment. 

The narrative of politicians from ruling government was to save the government and share the loot. They really know coming back to power will be dream in the absence of already established leader, clear cut agenda for the state, with running of string pulled government from centre diktat. 

ADMK does not stand for any specific ideology of its original mentor Arignar Anna. ADMK policy is to have narrative against DMK which sustain original Dravidian ideology. Literally, ADMK does not stands for Anna DMK but stands for against DMK. 

¬ Failure of effective measures from state government to the people who suffered  during natural disasters. 

¬ Imposing NEET in Tamil Nadu, which has created huge disparity for MBBS aspirants from the state. 

¬ Police atrocites during peaceful protest of Jallikattu.

¬ Failure of administration and PWD department during incessant rain in Chennai in 2015 and major mismanagement in opening of sluice valve for discharge of lake water which have taken few lives which could have been saved. 

¬ Unwarranted Shoot out during protest against sterlite at Thoothukudi. 

¬ No response for Tamilnadu farmers protests whatsoever.

¬ Police atrocity enacted at Sathangulam case which resulted in custody death of father and son duo. 

¬ Pollachi sexual assault case .

¬ Mis management during fighting of covid 19 . 

DMK needed for Women Empowerment : 

       The legacy of women rights and empowerment in this patriarchal society was started with Periyar in 1928 self respect movement. Women empowerment has evolved from time to time with proliferation in education and opportunities presented to them. Dravidian rule has always supported women empowerment vision and also implemented numerous schemes. 

¬ Equal share for women in family property.  

¬ 30% reservation in government jobs.

¬ Homes for orphaned girl child till age of 21.

¬ Formation of Self help group and providing funds for women. Women’s Self-Help groups benefiting 10 lakh women.

¬ 33 per cent reservation for women in local bodies – by which 44,143 women including 2 Women Mayors assumed office of the two Women Mayors one belonged to SC community.

¬ Women’s Small Trade Loan Scheme with saving scheme.

¬ Financial Assistance to poor girls for marriages.

¬ Financial Assistance to Widows for remarriages.

¬ Financial Assistance to encourage inter-caste marriages.

¬ Financial assistance to pregnant women.

To get back the lost glory and preserve the existing position with self respect the Dravidian ideology is the antidote for the venom of right wing polarization ideology and fascist agenda which was spilled for some time. 

To prevent the further erosion of state missionary and curtail the fall of state’s development and reverse the dent caused by present government is to go for change ,drastic change.

Holistic development with social justice pill and economic empowerment covering all sections of society can only be delivered by DMK which imbibes ideology of Periyar, Arignar Anna and Kalaignar and always stands for its rights of the people. With secular forces along with communists combining together to fight against utterly failed government provides automatic choice for the people of Tamilnadu to chose.  The choice is loud and clear. The harbinger of the change will flourish with our new leader M.K Stalin.  

- Pushpalatha Poongodi

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